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Membership Criteria

Counsellors and therapists are invited to become members of the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association which is a nationally recognized, independent, non-profit association. Full  Members are designated "Registered Professional Counsellors" (RPC). Registration by the association constitutes an important designation.

The CPCA adheres to a “competency-based model" for member recognition. This model is in compliance with Federal Statutes specifically the Agreement on Internal Trade. The "competency-based model" employs several eligibility requirements for registration, including education & training background, clinical supervision, professional experience and completion of a registration qualifying exam and self-awareness questionnaire. Formal education and training requirements are flexible, in that acceptable programs prepare students with the knowledge and skills outlined in the CPCA competency profile.

Registered Professional Counsellors and Master Practitioners practicing Counselling Psychology offer a wide variety of counselling and psychotherapy services. Members are made up of Marriage & Family Counsellors, Crisis Intervention Counsellors, Guidance & Career Counsellors, Mental Health Counsellors, Addiction / Substance Abuse Counsellors, Educational Counsellors, Loss and Grief Counsellors, Rehabilitation Counsellors, Debt Counsellors, Grief Counsellors, Pastoral Counsellors, Disordered Eating Counsellors, Spiritual Health Practitioners, Play Therapists, Art Therapists, Music Therapists, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists, Employee Assistance Professionals, Critical Incident Management Specialists, Trauma Counsellors, Stress Management Specialists, Conflict and Mediation Practitioners, and Addictions Interventionists.

Master Practitioner Practicing Counselling Psychology (M.P.C.P.)

In addition to meeting CPCA full membership criteria, Master Counsellor Members are required to have a minimum of 5 years field experience and a minimum of 5 years registered with a Professional Association for counsellors and/or psychotherapists. Read More...

Full Member (Registered Professional Counsellor -R.P.C.)

Full Members are required to have completed a minimum of two years of counselling and/or psychotherapy practice under supervision and submit two letters of recommendation from counselling / psychotherapy professionals. Read more...

Intern Member [Registered Professional Counsellor candidate -R.P.C. (cand.)]

In addition to meeting the student membership criteria, Interns have graduated from course studies and are involved in a counsellor / psychotherapist role for a minimum of two years under the supervision of a counselling or psychotherapist professional who has a minimum of 8 years professional experience and is a registered member of a professional association for counselling professionals. Read more...

Student Member

Must be enrolled in an  accredited college or university, which has the following program accreditation requirements. Read more...

Approved Supervisors

CPCA-Approved Supervisors are involved in a supervisory role for a minimum of two years with each intern member under their supervision. Supervisors have the option to become an associate member of the CPCA and list their supervisory services on the CPCA website for prospective intern members. Supervisors who do not wish to market themselves as being approved supervisors in good standing with the CPCA are required to complete the supervisor application form as a non member. CPCA members who meet the supervisor criteria are eligible to complete the application form and upon acceptance post their directory listing at no charge. Read more...

Associate Members

Includes training institutions, professional development training organizations and professionals from varying fields of expertise related to the counselling and psychotherapy profession. This includes professionals and training bodies whom the CPCA recognizes as meeting professional development and/or education competency standards. Associate members provide valuable consultation and/or membership services to CPCA members on their respective area of expertise. Read more...

Mission Statement

The Canadian Professional Counsellors Association is dedicated to the recognition of competence and professionalism in counselling and psychotherapy.

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