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Canadian Professional Counsellors Association 

The Canadian Professional Counsellors Association (CPCA) is a nationally recognized, independent, self-regulated, non-profit organization registered in accordance with the National Corporate Registry of Canada. The Association is governed by a National Board of Directors which is elected by its members from all regions across Canada.

CPCA Members are Registered Professional Counsellors and Master Practitioners in Clinical Counselling who are regulated and have received the RPC and/or MPCC designations upon meeting competency-based criterion for membership.  

Since our founding in 1990, the CPCA has been dedicated to the promotion of public confidence and trust in the counselling profession in Canada. The CPCA serves the public from coast to coast to coast.  

As the original inclusive Counselling Association for mental health counsellors in Canada we commit to the purpose of:

Working together to promote and support competency in clinical counselling/psychotherapy


We remind  you to stay informed, compliant, compassionate and connected

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 Experienced as well as newly trained Counsellors and Therapists are invited to become members of the CPCA. To be eligible for consideration of membership an applicant must:  

  • meet the Educational/Competency Criteria
  • submit the required supporting documents with the application
  • pay the non-refundable application fee   

Applicants can submit an Education Self-Evaluation with their application when unsure if the education completed qualifies for membership eligibility

Applicants currently enrolled in a Counselling program can apply for student membership

See Membership Benefits  for details on value added benefits to being CPCA registered  


Important Information Links:
ACTA: The College of Counselling Therapists open EXPEDITED ROUTE 

Hear our National Director for Alberta & NWT explain details and process

Counsellor Directory:

Due to the current reconstruction of the CPCA website, our Counsellor Directory may be incomplete. Please contact the head office to confirm the Good Standing status of a registered member.

Call: 1-888-945-2722 (toll free) or 1-778-363-2722 

Email: admin@cpca-rpc.ca


The Mandate of the Association
 To foster public protection by regulating its members’ professional practice through a comprehensive Code of Ethics, competency-based assessment, ongoing evaluation, and clear expectation of compliance with professional standards of practice. 
To promote and support members to develop excellence in professional skills for competent clinical counselling/psychotherapy.
The Association's leadership has shown that it will distinguish between the public interest and the professionals’ self-interest and in self-regulating will favour the former.
In the event that an individual has been harmed or is dissatisfied with the actions or behaviours of a CPCA registered member they may submit their complaint in writing to:
Canadian Professional Counsellors Association
 #203, 3306 - 32nd Avenue
 Vernon, BC
 V1T 2M6

All submitted complaints are delivered to the Complaints Committee and subsequently referred to the Discipline Committee when further action is merited.

Here is a link to the Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures



Mission Statement

Working together to promote and support
competency in clinical counselling & psychotherapy.