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Member ID: 3876

Carolyn Clarke Programs
Contact Information

Carolyn Clarke

Credentials: RPC, Life Coach, Certified EFT Tapping Practitioner + Infinite Possibilities Trainer

P.O. Box 1643
Sechelt BC

Phone: 604--98-9-88



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Hi I’m Carolyn, a decades-long Counselor and Certified EFT tapping practitioner + Trainer of Mike Dooley's "Infinite Possibilities... all about the “Art of Living Your Life Deliberately." I absolutely love my private work and workshops to support individuals through the process of transformation into improved wellbeing… inner and outer health, happiness, relationships, career and enjoying life deliberately.

If you’re in mid-life+ like me, you’ve lived and worked fully, possibly married and divorced, maybe raised a family and cared for aging parents, succeeded in unique ways and dealt with life’s natural challenges and losses too. And, if a helper-type, you’ve surely put other’s needs before your own.

For a moment, consider the quality of your overall health and fulfillment, your creativity and sense of purpose? What yearnings tug at you for your next chapter of life? Mid-life is a natural time of taking stock, figuring out what comes next and asking ourselves soulful questions, such as;
“Who am I now?"
"What’s not in alignment anymore and even missing? What do I want and need now?"
"How do I bring my health and creative passions into priority again?"
"What dreams or callings did I put away and would regret were my life soon ending?"
"And, what am I super proud of myself for too?" (Because celebrating is vital too!)

At age 57, I acted on my inner yearnings and furthered my education! It was amazing! Your callings will be different, but are you even listening?

Life happens, it’s guaranteed… and often not exactly how we planned it to go. Whether you are anxious and stressed, holding a heavy heart, stuck in unhealthy patterns of thought or behaviors, experiencing loss and natural life transitions, feeling old emotional baggage surface or relationships yearning to change, we ALL need support to heal, gain new perspectives and ways to shift and grow.

Individual counseling is focused on YOU and what you need at this time to thrive. We start by understanding where you are now, who you dream to become and then apply the best approaches to help you step into a more vital and happier version of yourself.

Whether you simply need a really good listener, seek guidance and/or wish to set goals in specific areas of your life, be better equipped with resources/tools and accountability, focus on healing, release anxiety, depression and stress, clear old inner emotions and stories to become a happier version of yourself overall... in health, wellness, purpose and relationships. We will draw upon an eclectic tool-belt of modalities to support you!

Here’s what I know to be true, you are courageous, wise and powerful. Life may have thrown you some curves to navigate. Maybe you have a sense that it’s time to open the door to a new adventure or put your health and wellness at the top of your priority list.

I wholeheartedly welcome supporting you to emerge into healthier ways of being and living your beautiful life more deliberately.

Counselling Approaches

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
Art Therapy
Attachment Based Therapy
Behavioural Therapy
Body-Centered Therapy
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)
E-Therapy / Telephone Counselling
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping
Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)
Gestalt Therapy
Guidance & Career Counselling
Mindfulness-Based CBT
Motivational Interviewing
Somatic Therapy
Strength Based Therapy

Counselling Issues

Addiction - Shopping, Gambling, Internet, Food, Workaholism
Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity (ADD/ADHD)
Communication & Conflict Resolution
Compassion Fatigue
End of Life Counselling
Grief & Loss
Mood Disorders
Personal Growth / Life Transitions
Post Traumatic Stress
Self-Esteem / Self Growth
Sleep Difficulties
Stress Management
Workplace Stress


Mission Statement

Working together to promote and support
competency in clinical counselling & psychotherapy.