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Magdalen Bowyer
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Magdalen Bowyer

Credentials: CEC, RPC, MPCC

1285 West Broadway #600
Vancouver BC
V6H 3X8

Phone: 778-371-3637



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As a feminist-transpersonal writer, scholar & counselling practitioner, I work in a field of love to bring you home to yourself -- the self who is sovereign, wise and inviting you to grow in wonder.

In addition to being a Registered Professional Counsellor and Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling with the Canadian Professional Counselling Association, I'm a Certified Executive Coach with the International Coach Federation. I draw on my direct experience with Dr. Joe Dispenza’s research and teachings as well as my decades of study with the Caroline Myss Educational Institute. And through the wise tutelage of Eric Maisel (see his book, *The Future of Mental Health: Deconstructing the Mental Disorder Paradigm*), I regard myself as being a human experience specialist. Put simply, I’m a passionate humanist driven to engage and investigate the mystery of life while learning to express my deep intuition of order and my desire to help with living.

All sessions require only one thing — that you be open and willing to allow new knowledge into your cognitive awareness. This new knowledge will inspire your intention to become a master client which means you will, in short order, be willing to take full responsibility for your perception of life knowing that it is determining your experience. The real magic of this process comes from the inner work YOU are willing to do to effect transformation in your life. And I’m privileged to be called in to midwife your potential.

It’s been said that one hour with me beats years of conventional talk therapy. What I know for sure is this: in every conversation I’ve been privileged to engage there is always a moment — one particular moment — that feels miraculous. An insight is received. A direction is revealed. Imagination is sparked. And something is healed.

Every act of healing is an act of service for all beings across and beyond time.

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