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This innovative membership service serves to promote business information about your counselling practice, specialized services and skills as well as the ability to upload a profile picture and business logo. With futurist trends heading towards a generation that seeks information online as well as a specific set of skills, knowledge and experience, the CPCA believes this directory will provide a competitive edge for marketing our member's counselling services across Canada to the public, insurance providers, EAP contractors and government for verification of your legitimacy. All members who are in "good standing" will be approved to list their contact information in the directory on an annual basis. It allows our members to login to their directory listing once it has been approved and make any changes to their contact information.

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Counsellor Directory Profile

Member ID: 3346

Mind Fitness Therapy Centre
Contact Information

Tatiana Santini

Credentials: Registered Professional Counsellor and Addictions Cousnellor

870 West 7th avenue
Vancouver BC

Phone: 647-501-3334



Cities of practice



"Train Your Mind Change Your Brain"

Together we can rewrite your story, so let today be the first day of the rest of your life!

As a psychotherapist, I am honoured to receive trust of my clients who allow me guide them through their very personal and meaningful times in their lives. I hope to facilitate finding solutions in times of struggles when solutions may only be in a blind spot.

As much as I am concerned with my clients' struggles I am concerned with my clients strengths. I am interested in helping clients build best in life, while also helping them repair the worse. I tend to de-pathologize behaviours and instead focus on strengths that can be cultivated to better lives.

Counselling Approaches

Addiction / Substance Abuse Counselling
Crisis Intervention Counselling
Educational Counselling
Mental Health Counselling

Counselling Issues

Communication & Conflict Resolution
Diet / Nutrition
Domestic Violence
Drug / Alcohol Addiction
Family Conflict
Physical & Sexual Abuse
Self-Esteem / Self Growth
Sex Addiction / Internet
Stress Management
Suicide & Crisis Intervention

Mental Health

Bipolar Disorders
Borderline Personality Disorder
Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Obsessive-compulsive Disorder
Post-traumatic Disorder
Seasonal Affective Disorder


Mission Statement

The Canadian Professional Counsellors Association is dedicated to the recognition of competence and professionalism in counselling and psychotherapy.