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Debbie A. Samson

Treating Trauma When The Client Turns Out To Be Yourself

Debbie practiced as a counsellor for 25 years, before she was diagnosed with Complex – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD). She will talk about the dark side of untreated trauma and the importance of early intervention and diagnosis.  She will look at how the characteristics of a trauma survivor can, on the one hand, develop strength, while on the other hand, cause self-destruction.


Debbie A. Samson is married to her high school sweetheart, Bill. She has two grown children, Lisa and William, and a precious little grandson, William Lawrence. Debbie was a counsellor for 25 years. She developed Complex PTSD and PNES, rendering her unable to work. Her mental illnesses are a result of severe childhood abuse and trauma throughout her life. Debbie now enjoys a very simple life, surrounded by nature where she is on a path of healing. She tells her story of determination and hope so that it will inspire others. Debbie’s account of her ordeals, although sometimes difficult to read, will encourage others to face struggles head-on, with courage. Debbie’s husband says she is “a force to be reckoned with”. Her innate drive has enabled her to overcome adversities that were meant to destroy her. Debbie believes our society has a mental health crisis, which is entirely preventable if the general public takes action to protect our children from trauma.


Nicki Hardick

Resilience Building in Children and Adolescents with Trauma:

Fun Techniques for Your Toolbox

Description:  Bring some fun into your sessions! Join us as Niki shares some of her favorite creative ways of engaging child clients in therapy. Explore fun ways of teaching your clients how to learn coping skills, manage their anger, and find healthy ways to show their emotions. 

Bio:   Niki Hardick has been working in the field of Human Services for 28 plus years. She works with many families, schools, agencies, social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists, and loves being a part of a team. Niki is a Registered Professional Counsellor RPC, Internationally Credentialled Sand Tray Therapist ICST, Therapeutic Play Practitioner TPP, Wife, Mom, Foster Parent, Ecstatic Nana, Lifelong learner, and Founder/CEO of Healing Family Matters Counselling in Fort Saskatchewan AB.

Having a knack for working with families Niki has over time developed engaging ways to work with difficult children, unresponsive parents, high-conflict co-parents, teens that don’t want to be there and couples who come in not even being able to talk to each other.

 What is Niki’s favorite part of being a counsellor? She said hands down it is being able to work with the underdogs J Those that others have given up on and the joy of watching them slowly grow. Nothing is better than watching others learn that they have superpowers and how to use them! Niki considers herself to be one part counsellor and one part humorist with a sprinkle of sassy in the mix ;)


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