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This innovative membership service serves to promote business information about your counselling practice, specialized services and skills as well as the ability to upload a profile picture and business logo. With futurist trends heading towards a generation that seeks information online as well as a specific set of skills, knowledge and experience, the CPCA believes this directory will provide a competitive edge for marketing our member's counselling services across Canada to the public, insurance providers, EAP contractors and government for verification of your legitimacy. All members who are in "good standing" will be approved to list their contact information in the directory on an annual basis. It allows our members to login to their directory listing once it has been approved and make any changes to their contact information.

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Owl Practice

Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision completed in any/all of the following formats will be accepted by the Office of the Registrar as part of supervision requirements for membership with the CPCA. Full/MPCC members need 6 total hours of supervision (optional in 2016; mandatory for all renewals from 2017 forward) in any combination per calendar year (plus 12 hours professional development) to meet renewal criteria.

Acceptable Supervision (Click here to download a supervision tracking form)

One-to-one structured

 with contracted clinical supervisor (Note: 24 of the total 150 hours required for Candidate members must be individual sessions)


 Consultation with workplace-designated supervisor For example~drop into office, quick phone call, face-to-face immediate consults, clinical oversight as a result of employment or placement in a mental health setting.

Direct Observational

 Recorded audio/video, or in-session observation


 with a qualified supervisor, (max. 8 persons) This supervision includes case summaries, technique/intervention education, role play, moderated discussion about clients & clinical practice.

Peer debrief

 moderated by experienced clinician (max. 5 persons) This form of supervision addresses effective use of Self in therapy, self-care, and emotional & psychological cost of being a “people helper” (vicarious trauma). Peer debriefing does NOT include client/case discussion, clinical practice or therapy techniques.

Journal Club

 moderated by experienced clinical researcher/clinician. Assigned readings (published research, peer reviewed articles) with critique, discussion, debate, & practical application as focus.


 intentionally matched clinicians. Experienced therapist/mentor must have significantly greater experience than the mentee.

Substantiating supervision received

For all one-to-one supervision hours, the supervisory relationship must be substantiated through submitted documentation. For new members, all criteria must be met. 

  1. Statement of relationship between referee and supervisee (Must be professional. Dual-relationships will not be approved)
  2. Signed Informed Consent for Supervision
  3. Signed supervision contract (length and frequency)
  4. Current Curriculum vitae (including designation) of the supervisor if not MPCC-S

For current members, submitting documentation of #1 & #4 is acceptable, however it is strongly recommended that all requirements be completed. All other forms of supervision may be substantiated by recording supervision hours and having identified facilitator/clinician/mentor sign for member’s attendance.

Upon completion of the supervision contract (whether or not this coincides with fulfillment of RPC criteria) the following documentation must be submitted directly to the CPCA by the supervisor of record:

  • Summary of clinical experience obtained while under supervision
  • Evaluation of supervisee’s clinical skills and professionalism (will be kept confidential)
  • Recommendation for full membership – if appropriate

Approved forms for the supervision process available upon request through Member Services. (

Submissions will be accepted by email to, fax: 250-558-3369, or mail to the CPCA Head Office at 203-3306 32nd Ave, Vernon, BC V1T 2M6.


Mission Statement

The Canadian Professional Counsellors Association is dedicated to the recognition of competence and professionalism in counselling and psychotherapy.