CPCA National Directors 

 National Directors lead the Regional 

Mangement Team for each Province and Territory  


National President
Rosemary Fromson,nationalpresident@theCPCA.ca
National Board Chair
Pamela Meaney-Pieroway, cpcaboardchair@theCPCA.ca
National Vice President
Lisa Brown-Rooke, vicepresident@theCPCA.ca
National Director for British Columbia/Yukon
Andrew Bexson, bcyukondirector@theCPCA.ca
National Director for Alberta/NWT 
Jeremiah LaFollette, albertantdirector@theCPCA.ca
National Director for Saskatchewan
Heather MacLeod, saskatchewandirector@theCPCA.ca
National Director for Manitoba/Nunavut
Jennifer Jones,manitobanudirector@theCPCA.ca
National Director for Ontario
Deborah Macdonald, ontariodirector@theCPCA.ca
National Director for Atlantic
Rory Boutilier, atlanticdirector@theCPCA.ca
Treasurer of the National Board
Dennis Paget,treasurer@theCPCA.ca 

Mission Statement

Working together to promote and support
competency in clinical counselling & psychotherapy.