Looking for a way to get involved with the CPCA??
Want to have your voice heard behind the scenes?
Have you ever wondered how so much
gets done by so few people?
The CPCA needs a little of your time and effort to ensure that all of the supports for our Members happen in a timely manner. 
Each Committee meets about 4 times a year.
Education Committee
to ensure education and clinical experience meet or exceed the CPCA criteria and that the CPCA meet or exceed the industry standard.
Governance Committee 
to ensure that the CPCA is compliant with all legal and financial laws, that it abides by all the Bylaws and Organizational Policies, and that the Board is functioning appropriately and efficiently.
2 Current Projects of the Governance Committee:
Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.
Marketing Committee
to promote the CPCA for employment and partnership opportunities and for appropriate remuneration for services provided.
Nominations Committee
to review and vet all potential nominees for elected positions and to superintend the nominee and election process.
Social Media Committee
to propose and implement strategies for the expansion of social media platforms
Conference Committee and 30th Anniversary Project 
to plan and organize CPCA conference events in collaboration with the Board and Executive Director
* the 2020 Conference celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the CPCA needed to be postponed (COVID) and will be announced at a later date
Please make the time to get involved!
If you have an interest in any of these Committees,
or if you would like to know more about the role/duties of a Committee, please email the CPCA at:


CPCA Approved Education Providers 

 All Canadian Universities recognized by the government who provide degree level education in Counselling, Counselling Psychology or Psychotherapy are recognized by the CPCA.

Please note: Education Institutions listed on this website have demonstrated that the program offered is sufficient to meet the minimum education requirements for application for membership. Education providers are listed alphabetically not by ranking and inclusion on this page is not an endorsement or promotion of one program over another.


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  Maritime Business CollegePreviously known as Success College in Halifax, NS
  Pacific LIfe Bible College
 Rhodes Wellness College
Stenberg College
Transformational Arts College



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Mission Statement

Working together to promote and support
competency in clinical counselling & psychotherapy.