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TIR - Expanded Applications


Across Canada


Mindy Kollman   Member ID: 3706



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Penticton, BC   TBA
Shatford Centre 760 Main Street Penticton BC V2A 7V3




Prerequisite: Traumatic Incident Reduction(TIR) 
Date: November 14th – 17th 2018

Time: 4 days   9:00 am to 4:30 pm                      Location: Penticton, BC

Register: 778.288.3435           

Approved Continuing Education Units (CEU)           

TIR-Expanded Applications (TIR-Part 2) Workshop expands and strengthens the knowledge and techniques learned in the first TIR Workshop. An additional series of new techniques are offered giving an array of new tools to be added to the facilitator’s expertise. TIR-EA techniques provide trainees with a broad range of therapeutic tools.  These tools assist facilitators in meeting the needs of viewers who are experiencing with low ego strength. 

The additional methods learned in TIR-EA workshops include lighter techniques to assist people who are not ready to deal with their trauma using BTIR. Facilitators will confidently be able to write a personally designed comprehensive client-centered case plan.

This TIR- Expanded Applications workshop offers:


As demonstrated through hands-on experience and supervised activities, the student will be provided the skills to:
·       List and describe techniques for preparing a client not yet ready for TIR
·       Analyze the theory of remedial techniques
-       Future TIR
-       Using TIR on pleasant experiences
·       Demonstrate the use of remedial techniques
-       Use unlayering, to build stronger ego strength
·       Apply TIR applied to addictions
·       Apply TIR applied to long-term trauma
·       List techniques useful in addressing relationship issues
·       Utilize TIR in reducing fear of events in the future
·       Create a basic case plan
·       Use these structured, directive techniques to maintain a client-centered approach

TIR workshop gives each participant the opportunity to demonstrate and experience each of the techniques and presents a new paradigm of safety and effectiveness for helping others.

Registration Fee: $750.00/person including manual and GST
Early Registration Fee: $700.00
Must be registered and paid in full within 30 days or before any of the workshops.

Mindy Kollman, M.Ed, RCC, LSRF, AEF
Certified Senior TIR & LSR Trainer and
Technical Director

Please contact:         Mindy Kollman
Phone #:                  778.288.3435

 Payments to be made by:
Check, Money Order or E-Transfer

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