Membership Eligibility

Counsellors and Therapists are invited to become members of the CPCA which is a nationally recognized, independent, self-regulated, non-profit counselling association.

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 To be eligible for consideration of membership with the CPCA an applicant must: 

Supplemental forms for membership application are available to substantiate previous Clinical Experience, Clinical Supervision and Professional Currency:

Once membership eligibility is determined, successful completion of the CPCA Qualifying Exam(QE) is required. The next steps are to submit payment of membership dues and to provide confirmation of liability insurance for Registered membership in good standing.

For Students: If you are currently in school in a clinical counselling program, you may apply for Student membershipSubmit your application with your non-refundable application fee of $75.00 + GST/HST.  


The application process is currently running approximately 8-10 weeks from start to finish, providing the application is complete, there are no missing documents, and there are no requirement anomalies to be reviewed by the Office of the Registrar. If this is the case, the process timeline may be extended significantly as a result.  

 CPCA Education Requirements for
Candidate Membership

A minimum of 450 training hours (including 120 practicum hours) from an accredited education provider in the field of Counselling/Psychotherapy, that facilitates the skill development of entry-level core competencies is required for professional registration.

Entry to Practice Counselling Core Competency Criteria

             The instructor's qualifications are a Master Level
(previously defined as Master's Equivalency)in counselling
with a minimum of eight (8) years experience in clinical counselling 

                 Practicum Requirements:

120 hours minimum completed in a clinical setting under approved clinical supervision in the mental health field that provides the opportunity for students to apply their knowledge through clinical practice experience.

Education Substantiation Form (E1.1)


 Here are some of the CPCA Approved Education Programs 

* to advertise as an approved education provider, please send your information, including course syllabi to the Office of the Registrar at


Education Reviews and Evaluations:

Canadian Education:

If an applicant is unsure of whether their specific education meets the requirements outlined above, the applicant may choose to submit a self-evaluation for pre-approval by the Office of the Registrar before moving forward with the application process and completing the qualifying exam. The cost for the Office of the Registrar to review this evaluation is $50.00 + GST and does not guarantee eligibility.

International Education:

If an applicant is unsure of whether their specific degree or education meets the requirements outlined above because it has been completed internationally, the applicant must have an Education Equivalency Evaluation completed by a recognized organization such as World Education Services (WES) before submitting with a Self-Evaluation. 

All administrative fees are non-refundable.

 Requirements for Education Self-Evaluation:  
 Official transcripts
 Copy of diploma(s)/certificate(s)
 Completed Education Evaluation Forms

Administration fee of $50.00 + GST/HST (non-refundable)

Payment can be made at "Fees and Payments" under Membership Tab

CPCA Supporting Documents

Membership applications are considered complete when the application form and ALL required supporting documents (listed on page 6 of the application) are received.

Liabilitiy Insurance

Confirmation of liability insurance is required prior to issuing a member certificate and member card. Details regarding obtaining coverage through the CPCA member policy will be provided once membership eligibility has been determined and the QE successfully completed. Current liability insurance is mandatory in order to keep your CPCA membership in good standing.

Mission Statement

Working together to promote and support
competency in clinical counselling & psychotherapy.