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 COVID-19 Information and Resources
(please click on each link for more information)
Returning to in-person counselling is a personal choice that requires serious consideration of many factors affecting both personal and professional life.
Please make informed decisions that determine readiness and preparedness.
 *** NEW DATES!! ***
  Working with Trauma - From Confusion to Clarity
July 3rd 10:00-12:00 (SK-CST) Session II
*Intensive training for MH professionals working with people with symptoms of psychological trauma
Presenter: Dr Elisabeth Scheepers Ph.D, RPC, MPCC-S, RTC, MTC, RCS 
Modality: Live Zoom, guaranteed small group format  
Cost: 175:00 total
To register or for more information, click on this link:
*You will receive instructions for payment after registration 
This training counts as 4 CEC hours and a certificate will be provided 
Dr Elisabeth Scheepers is known for providing high quality, up-to-date, research-based training for counselling therapists with some prior knowledge and experience in working with people with psychological injury. The training comprises in-depth information on diagnosis, the symptoms of different types of trauma, and effective treatment for diverse populations. Participants will obtain a solid background and skills that can be applied in practice.


Laugh & Learn 
Teddy Bears: Keeper of Secrets
What do teddy bears and therapists have in common?
Let’s dig deep into how we are like teddy bears -
the stories we hold and how to hold them. 
Who holds our stories?
Monday, July 6th 
7:00pm (AB time)
Presenter: Debra Coffey, RPC, MPCC-S 
Healthstream Counselling & Wellness
Cost: $10.50
This counts as 1 CEC
To register or inquire, click on this link:
Available to clients - anyone who is dealing with
issues of anxiety/depression and who needs support over the summer
Mondays - 6:30pm MDT
July 6th - to August 24th, 2020
Participants can attend all or just some of the sessions.
In each session, one strategy for coping with anxiety/depression will be taught - participants will then share their experiences and issues as they are comfortable.
Facilitated by therapist Kim Silverthorn BA, RPC, MPCC, CT
from Tacit Knowledge 
For more info, click on this link:
or connect directly to the sessions via
the link posted on the Beaumont FCSS Facebook page
Emotional Freedom Technique
On Line Training
Introductory Level 1 - Basics and More Intensive
Saturdays - July 18th and 25th, 2020
Time: 1:00 - 5:30pm
Learn all the Introductory Level Techniques to deal with anxiety, fear, guilt, chronic pain and more! Be prepared to learn how to clear out the past, feel better NOW and plan strategies for the future
 Investment:  $285.00 (GST Included)
(8 hours of classtime, plus 2 hours of paired homework assignments)
AND Includes: Workbook, Certificate of Completion, 
and one-on-one session with Debra  
This Training counts as 10 CEC's 
To register or inquire, click on this link:
(Online) OCD Conference 
International OCD Foundation
July 31st - August 2nd, 2020
Learn about the etiology and treatment of OCD and other related disorders; recognize the impact of OCD and related disorders on sufferers and family members; employ new strategies for treating treatment-resistant OCD and related disorders, as well as how to engage unmotivated patients in the treatment process; and be able to explain the role of genetics, neurobiology, neuroimaging, novel and traditional psychopharmacology, neurosurgery and deep brain stimulation in the diagnosis and/or treatment of OCD and related disorders as reported in current research literature.
70 Sessions, 36 Discussion Groups, and 160 Presenters
Approved for up to 15 CEC's (depending upon the sessions attended)
Registration Fee: $375 for professionals
(Student rates available as well)
For more information or to register
Thinking of Making a Marketing Video -
Need a Video Segment to Explain Who You Are?
Online Mobile Video Production Workshops
1 day | 6 hours | Hands-on Learning
 Investment: $250 + GST ($262.50)
The day includes:
Lighting, Sound, Angles, Production Steps & Processes, Collaboration with Workshop Attendees, Hands-on Shooting & Mobile Editing (teaches you everything you need to know how to do, using just your phone!)
 For more information or
to register for a day that works for you:
Check out the other Video Production and Editing Training sessions available at Modern Muse
Professional Development Training Opportunities
Online and In Person
Specialized and Culturally Competent Training
created for Therapists who want to work with First Responders 
(designed by First Responders and Subject Matter Experts in the field).
Therapists who are certified in FRHT are listed in a unique directory that is made available to First Responder organizations who are in need of these specialized supports for their Members. 
This Directory is currently only available in BC and AB.
Click on the title above to be taken to the FRHT website, for more information/the schedule of Training sessions that are upcoming.
Professional Development Training Opportunities 
The Gottman Trainers are pleased to offer most of their regularly scheduled In-Person Training Sessions through a Virtual On-Line format now - participants will still attend the training sessions live,
but remotely, via Zoom. 
If your business has slowed down a bit right now, this might be the perfect time to complete that Training you have been meaning to attend - without any of the travel and hotel costs associated with the regular sessions.
Click on the title above to be taken to the Gottman Events page for more information/the schedule of sessions that are still happening.   
Looking for a way to get involved with the CPCA?
Want to have your voice heard behind the scenes?
Have you ever wondered how so much gets done by so few people?
The CPCA needs a little of your time and effort to ensure that all of the supports for our Members happen in a timely manner. 
Each Committee meets, on average, 4 times a year.
Education Committee - to ensure education and clinical experience meet or exceed the CPCA criteria;
Executive Committee - a standing committee that often acts as a steering committee for the full board;
Governance Committee - to ensure that the CPCA is compliant with all legal and financial laws, that it abides by all the Bylaws and Organizational Policies, and that the Board is functioning appropriately and efficiently.  There are 2 Project Committee opportunities also available - Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.
Marketing Committee - to promote the CPCA for employment opportunities and for appropriate remuneration for services provided;
Nominations Committee - to review and vet all potential nominees for elected positions and to superintend the nominee and election process;
Social Media Committee - to propose and implement strategies for the expansion of social media platforms;
30th Anniversary Project Committee - to plan and organize the conference (Vernon - Kelowna area) in collaboration with the Board and Executive Director
Please make the time to get involved!
If you have an interest in any of these Committees, or if you would like to know more about the role/duties of a Committee,
please email the CPCA at:
If you know of an Event or a Continuing Education Opportunity available for our CPCA members, please submit the details to

Mission Statement

Working together to promote and support
competency in clinical counselling & psychotherapy.