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Bending Light

 Book Cover - Glenn Robitaille

Few things are ever as they appear on the surface. For Benjamin St. Croix, life in an all-male maximum security mental health facility is its own society with its own rules. His challenge as a Multifaith Chaplain and psychotherapist is to create cracks in the awareness of individuals often deemed to be without souls and unworthy of forgiveness.
 In Bending Light, the reader will be drawn into a conversation about basic human dignity, exploitation and vulnerability. Hanging from the “thin gold chain” of the story is a “massive jewel” that will challenge the reader to rethink long held confidences. The message concerns everybody, especially those who think they know what is best for others.
Author - Glenn A. Robitaille, RPC, MPCP 
Glenn A. Robitaille is a writer and leader in the field of Christian counseling, theology and spiritual care.  After doubling for twenty years as a congregational pastor and chaplain, he dedicated himself fully to the field of spirituality and mental health at the Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care in Penetanguishene, Ontario, where he serves as Director of Spiritual and Religious Care.
Life Losses - Healing for a Broken Heart

Book Cover - Janelle

Loss, regardless of its type or intensity, is always life-altering.
It shatters dreams, changes our view of the world, and has an impact on how we live out the rest of our days. You can’t get around that simple truth – you can only work through it, one day at a time.
Loss comes in many forms, including (but not limited to):
•           The death of a friend or family member (whether by natural cause, or otherwise)
•           Divorce or separation
•           Economic and transitional losses (like losing your sole source of income)
•           Chronic and debilitating illness
•           Catastrophic injury (that leaves you or a loved one forever changed)

These and other life experiences are all a source of heartbreak and grief, and if left unresolved can have profound and lingering effects.  Loss of such magnitude traumatizes your heart, mind, and soul.
It attacks all areas of life – leaving us confused, listless, lost, disorganized, and unable to respond to daily activities as we had before.  Even sleeping and eating are difficult tasks. Nothing makes sense, and our desire for a return to “what was” results in the “could-haves” and “should-haves” overpowering the beauty of “we did” and “we had”.

Life Losses: Healing for a Broken Heartis a book for anyone suffering the grief of loss – as well as for those who care for them. To order the book visit and click on the Amazon button.

Janelle Breese Biagioni, RPC is a Bereavement Survivor, Hope Generator, and Registered Professional Counsellor. She is the author of seven books and numerous articles and stories which have been published in Grief Digest, Bereavement Magazine, Headline, Brain Injury Journey, and Chicken Soup for the Soul.
“I read Janelle’s book and it completely moved me. It made me wish I had known her for every loss I have ever experienced in my life because of the compassion, strength and hope she so transparently conveys. I recommend Janelle to anyone who has experienced a loss because she is so real and creates such a safe and sacred spot for others to feel and heal.”
- Lisa Larter, Business & Marketing Consultant
“Janelle has a special gift for translating complex clinical information into the nitty-gritty of daily life for families struggling to cope with major loss. Her innovative, sensitive writing style and expertise make her books and articles extremely popular with hospitals, rehabilitation programs, clinics, community agencies, families, caregivers, and clinicians.”
- Marilyn Lash (MSW), Director and Senior Editor
 Lash and Associates Publishing & Training, Inc
Author - Janelle Breese Biagioni, RPC 
Walking Towards Hope 
Book Cover - Paul
A faith-based exploration of hope in the face of catastrophic loss and the challenging journey of learning to reinvent one's life.

Based on the author's experience, this book appeals to anyone who has suffered loss and seeks to recover hope.

 How do you "come to terms" with those thieving circumstances that rob you of your very reason for being? How do you make sense of the catastrophic changes that inundate the people of faith? We hold open the Scriptures with all of their love, life, promise and hope in one hand, while attempting, in the other hand, to reconcile our pain and deep despair.

This is a true story. Get ready to shed some tears along the way, but in the end it will leave you gently singing.

Paul Beckingham is a counsellor with Special focus upon Trauma Care (including PTSD) for the Military, Police, First Responders, and their children and families.

  Author - Paul M Beckingham - DMin, MDiv, DipCS, BEd (Hons), RPC


Terminal Living

Book Cover - Sandy

How would you live if you knew you had only a short time left? You would likely do the things you’ve always dreamed of doing, spend time with the people you love, let go of petty grievances, and make the most of every moment. This book challenges you by asking, “Why are you not living that way right now?” In addition to fostering personal growth, you will be inspired by the lives of others who have lived terminal lives, and be equipped with practical illustrations on how you, too, can live a life beyond terminal limits.

Terminal Living inspires us to invest our time and energy in endeavors that matter – now! Many of us have dreams and good intentions, but we postpone taking action until it is too late. Sandy challenges us to choose to live each day bravely and purposefully by pursuing personal growth, investing in others and leaving a legacy for the next generation. She inspires all of us to become everyday heroes by facing our fears and living for something greater than ourselves. I highly recommend Terminal Living to anyone who desires a more purposeful life.                                                                          

Dr. Sandy Madden is a popular keynote speaker for various conferences and seminars and has traveled extensively doing humanitarian work in developing nations around the world. She is a Registered Professional Counsellor with over 25 years of experience. She has two grown children and a loving husband of over 30 years.

To purchase, contact Dr. Sandy Madden Directly
Author - Dr. Sandy Madden

Reclaim Your Soul - Alyson Quinn

Book Cover - Alyson

Reclaim Your Soul: Your Path to Healing explores self-transformation. Many of us find ourselves suppressing emotions and falling victim to patterns of unhealthy behavior. We can live this way for decades in a half-baked existence, not knowing why meaninglessness plagues our days and leaves us feeling unsatisfied. The goal of this book is to immerse the reader in previously suppressed feelings. Readers will be able to liberate themselves and allow themselves to feel in order to heal successfully.

The book also illuminates patterns that keep us stuck. Each vignette describes a way out of the morass and contributes to exponentially building our awareness. Reclaim Your Soulhighlights patterns and feelings that serve to increase our strength and enrich our lives. Through this process, we can start to reach for dreams that uplift our soul and help us achieve our fullest potential.

Order the book online here

Author - Alyson Quinn, RPC

Path of Life Journal

Book Cover - Path Of Life

My book is now available. It's a Quick Reference for individuals and relationships during all kinds of LOSS, including Chronic Illness & Intersticial Cystitis stories and can act as your own personal Journal.

Julie Ann Geddes (R.P.C.)(C.P.C.A.) Registered Professional Counsellor Blessed to be born in Raymond, Alberta, Canada. Attending the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since a child. Of Netherland descent. Completing High School, Music, Sports and College Education. Sharing Piano in many community functions since age 12. Continuing to receive Spiritual Songs on the piano and sharing them with many. At age 20 Julie married a young man from Nova Scotia, Canada in 1979. They had two girls in Alberta. In 1984 they moved to Nova Scotia where her husband was born and raised. A son was born to them in N.S. She gained more education and worked in N.S. for 13 years- as a Counsellor at a Crisis Helpline. Also, with the mentally and emotionally challenged. Even though she was diagnosed in 1990 with the painful disease of “Intersticial Cystitis” she could still work for several years before it had progressed to the point of disability. After that, Julie studied to get her degree.Today she works at her Private Practice - “Path of Life Private Counselling” Member in good standing of The Canadian Professional Counsellors Association since 2006. Working on the Board of Directors for Alberta. 

In 2010 Julie had Major Surgery to remove her bladder and has a successful Ileal Conduit that is a urinary diversion. Which has been a great improvement to her quality of life.

Order the book online here

 Author - Julie Ann Geddes, RPC

In Praise of Uncertainty

Book Cover - Allan

Benjamin St. Croix is many things— a loving husband, an innovative pastor, a respected psychotherapist, an insightful counselor, and a cherished friend—but now, after the sudden death of Nate, his life is thrown into turmoil, and all he has ever believed is challenged as he is threatened with an new label: Heretic!

With his life’s work and reputation on the line, Benjamin faces the convocation of a tribunal review that will examine all he has come to stand for and professes as true. What are his chances of remaining in his leadership position? Where are the lines drawn between right and wrong, opinion and fact, truth and falsehood?

Through the pages of In Praise of Uncertainty, Glenn Robitaille leads us on a journey of conscience and character in a story that is challenging to both mind and spirit— it is a stimulating journey you will not want to miss.

Glenn A. Robitaille is the Director of Spiritual and Religious Care at Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care in Penetanguishene, Ontario. He is ordained with the Brethren in Christ Church and the founding pastor of Covenant Christian Community Church in Penetanguishene, Ontario, Canada, and is recognized for his pioneering contribution to online counseling through the founding of the Barnabus Christian Counseling Network in 1999—the first online counseling service in the world. He has extensive experience in mental health chaplaincy and has contributed to the establishment of spirituality as a clinical variable in mental health care. He is a member of the Canadian College of Professional Counselors and Psychotherapists (CCPCP), a Registered Professional Counselor and Master Practitioner of Counseling Psychology with the Canadian Professional Counselors Association (CPCA), and a Certified Pastoral Counselor with the International Association of Christian Counseling Professionals (IACCP). 

Order a copy online here

Author - Glenn A. Robitaille, RPC, MPCP

Logotherapy Revisited: 
Review of the Tenets of Viktor E. Frankl's Logotherapy

Book Cover - LogoTherapy

This book presents the core principles of Viktor E. Frankl’s Logotherapy, and outlines how Logotherapy can be used in conjunction with other forms of interventions. It illustrates that, beyond a philosophy, Logotherapy is also a theory of personality, and a form of therapy. The book aims to illustrate the inductive and deductive interplay between theory and practice.

Volume I is devoted entirely to Logotheory. Volume II contains the chapters which portray the practical applications of Logotherapy. Each chapter ends with Points to Ponder, which aim to bridge the chapters, and to highlight connections between theory and practice. The Appendix is written in the form of a Study Guide, expanding on Logotherapy's applications in specific practice areas in line with current developments in mental health care.

Corresponding to each chapter, the References section provides an extensive list of relevant sources, and related, up to date bibliography.

The writing of this book follows the ground-structure of the Doctoral Dissertation entitled "The Applications of Viktor E. Frankl’s Logotherapy in Counselling Psychology," (1999) by Maria (Ungar) Marshall, at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, which contains a comprehensive overview of the fundamental elements of the philosophy and practice of Logotherapy, based on an extensive review of international literature.

Edward Marshall co-authored the present book, adding the chapters corresponding to the Appendix, reflecting developments in the practice, study and research in Logotherapy, since the submission of the original Dissertation, to the present.

This up-to-date, and comprehensive review allows the reader to find situations in everyday life and in professional activities, where Logotherapy can be usefully applied.
--- from the authors

This book has been selected as a textbook for the official program of the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy in the USA and will also be used for Edward and Maria Marshall's Logotherapy program in Ottawa. It is also available at Caversham Bookstore in Toronto:

Order the book online here

Experiential Unity Theory and Model

Book Cover - Alyson

Experiential Unity Theory and Model was devised to address the current concerns dominating the field of group therapy and individual counselling. It is vital that any healing modality address the root of the distress being presented. More and more clients are disconnected from their souls, and that is the principal cause of levels of depression, anxiety, stress, eating disorders, anger and other symptoms that are evident at disturbing levels in society today. Treatments from a cognitive behavioral perspective have a tendency to intellectualize clients' experiences and therefore may present barriers to the necessary soul-based healing. The Experiential Unity Theory and Model is integrative, it includes the mind, body, spirit, and emotions in its treatment and therefore is able to provide a healing milieu whereby clients can address the core of their problems and heal fully.

Order the book online here

Author - Alyson Quinn, RBCc

Professional Spiritual and Pastoral Care:
A Practical Clergy and Chaplain's Handbook

Book Cover Clergy

The first comprehensive resource for spiritual and pastoral caregivers a vital resource for clergy, seminarians, chaplains, pastoral counselors and caregivers of all faith traditions.

This essential resource integrates the classic foundations of pastoral care with the latest approaches to spiritual care. It is specifically intended for professionals who work or spend time with congregants in acute care hospitals, behavioral health facilities, rehabilitation centers and long-term care facilities.

Offering the latest theological perspectives and tools, along with basic theory and skills from the best pastoral and spiritual care texts, research and concepts, the contributors to this resource are experts in their fields, and include eight current or past presidents of the major chaplaincy organizations.

Order the book online here

Author - Stephen B. Roberts 

The Control Freaks Guide to Living Lightly

Book Cover - Gail

Professional Life Coach and R.P.C., Gail Nielsen, of the Ontario chapter, has just co-authored a book entitled The Control Freak's Guide to Living Lightly - Manifesting a Life of Total Trust.

This first book in the series takes a humourous, yet highly spiritual look at control issues and how to heal them. The authors assert that an inner state of "trust" is the opposite of over-control and that by cultivating a life of radical trust, controllers can "free their freaks." The book has been endorsed by several Fortune 500 coaches and best-selling authors around the globe and is being touted as a useful tool for therapists and coaches. Dr. Susan Jeffers, best-selling author of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, writes: "As a 'recovering' control freak I read this book with a smile of recognition. A very entertaining and enlightening book."

The Control Freak's Guide to Living Lightly can be purchased online a
where people can also sign up for a free e-newsletter and the free e-course, "Freakology 101."

Order the book online here

Author - Gail Barker & Gail Nielsen 


Whispers of Hope 
Transcending Abuse, Cancer and Divorce to Embrace Peace

 Book Cover -Whisper

Just wanted to say a quick hello, and let you know that my new book, "Whispers of Hope - Transcending Abuse, Cancer and Divorce to Embrace Peace" is now available for order!

"She expertly draws from her life experiences and counselling education and uses a wealth of resources to explain such things as..."Integrating Head and Heart"...She shares her self-development with a courageousness that is open yet kind. It is this openness and honesty that encourages us to look at ourselves." Virginia Smith BGS, RT-CRA, Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner, Canadian Reiki Association Director 
(see more testimonials at
With love and gratitude - Denise Cunningham and Julie Salisbury, Influence Publishing

Order the book online here 

Author - Denise Cunningham


Tears in a Bottle

Book Cover - Tears

 Author, Clair Jantzen has created a readable book on grief and loss in the first person!

Too many books about the death of a loved one are lengthy or instructional. Here is a comforting companion for the bereaved individual, something to pick up and put down, to digest in small mouthfuls, to read in minutes instead of hours.

"Tears in a Bottle" contains the stories of real people (names and circumstances changed to protect the suffering, of course).

For more information on "Tears in a Bottle, Stories of Life and Loss", feel free to contact him via email:

Order the book online here


Candace Plattor, Loving an Addict, Loving Yourself:
The Top 10 Survival Tips for Loving Someone with an Addiction

Book -Cover - Loving an Addict

A dramatically fresh approach to working with loved ones of people with addictive behaviours.

Review from's web site:
"Engaging, grounded and straight-forward help for people who love an addict. Candace Plattor has written a winner ... Addiction is a family disease and the entire family gets sick. ... The direct, no-nonsense approach taken in this book helps the family member of the addict face their own unconscious and covert sabotage behaviour head on."

Jane Derry - Addiction Specialist
General Manager and Spiritual Counsellor at A Home Away Retreat in Kelowna, B.C.

Loving an Addict, Loving Yourself:
The Top 10 Survival Tips for Loving Someone with an Addiction

Winner in the Health: Psychology/Mental Health in the 2010 International Book Awards

Award Winning Finalist in four categories:
Health: Addiction and Recovery
Self-Help: Motivational
Self-Help: Relationships
Best New Non-Fiction

Author - Candance Plattor, MA



Dating the Ethnic Man book by Dr. Faizal H. Sahukhan

Book Cover - Faizal

Discover the challenges and rewards of dating ethnic men, Explore the hidden agendas that drive ethnic men’s, relationships and family dynamics, Find the key to creating intercultural harmony and happiness

 “Dr Sahukhan gives a unique perspective on dating dyna mics that I’ve yet to see on bookshelves. A must-read for all singles looking for multi-cultural romance” – Dr Trina Read, bestselling author, Till Sex Do Us Part

“Faizal Sahukhan, a respected and experienced therapist in the area of multicultural romance, sets out the solutions that will enhance your chances of avoiding the culture clash and building a satisfying relationship” - John Ince, bestselling author, Politics or Lust

“Learning from you has been a tremendous expansion of my own awareness of relationship dynamics for which I’m forever thankful” - Anonymous

Author - Faizal Sahukhan, PhD





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