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Maintaining Membership and Good-Standing

CPCA membership entitles members to discounted liability insurance, an active website directory, and reimbursements for client health coverage in addition to other valuable benefits and must be maintained annually before December 31st.

"Supervision" and "Professional Development" are essential annually to remain in good standing for all member designations except Students.

The following are the mandatory requirements for each membership. When renewing annually, the completed renewal form must also be submitted with the payment of member dues. Please ensure all appropriate spaces are initialled and the form signed and dated. This information must be submitted in order to remain in good standing.


Student members must submit: 

  • Confirmation of enrollment
  • Payment of membership fees
  • PD/Supervision/Liability Insurance NOT required

Candidate (intern) members must submit:

  • Confirmation of liability insurance
  • Up-to-date submissions of supervision reports - additional PD/Supervision NOT required
  • Payment of membership fees

Full & Master level members (RPC and MPCC) must submit:

Supervisor members (MPCC-S) must submit:

 Please submit the required renewal form by fax to (250) 558-3369, email to, or mail to CPCA Suite 203, 3306 32nd Ave Vernon BC V1T 2M6


Prior to renewal season is a great time to see if you qualify for an upgrade in your designation.

Upgrades are not able to be processed during the renewal season of November through to January.

Confirmation of current good-standing membership can be requested by emailing; once verified, a letter of good-standing will be issued by email from the Office of the Registrar. 



Mission Statement

Working together to promote and support
competency in clinical counselling & psychotherapy.

Counsellor Directory

This innovative membership service serves to promote business information about your counselling practice, specialized services and skills as well as the ability to upload a profile picture and business logo. With futurist trends heading towards a generation that seeks information online as well as a specific set of skills, knowledge and experience, the CPCA believes this directory will provide a competitive edge for marketing our member's counselling services across Canada to the public, insurance providers, EAP contractors and government for verification of your legitimacy. All members who are in "good standing" will be approved to list their contact information in the directory on an annual basis. It allows our members to login to their directory listing once it has been approved and make any changes to their contact information.

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