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Supportive and Encouraging

I have consulted CPCA for information and guidance in a situation twisting with legal and confidentiality concerns. Not only were there supportive and encouraging voices on the other end, the information I needed but also wisdom and insight. Thank you!


Thank You! CPCA seems to be one of the very few organizations who actually does something for its members!

Proud to be a CPCA Member

For me, the CPCA, grounded in the philosophy that every human being possesses equal dignity and worth, is about excellence. I highly value my associationship with the CPCA and am proud to be a member of this incomparable association.

Passionate About Competence

I passionately support the recognition of competence and expect to be an active member of the CPCA for the rest of my professional career.

Support and Camaraderie

What I was looking for in a professional counsellors/therapists organization was support and camaraderie, and not just a piece of paper to satisfy the government and the public. In the CPCA, I found the support and camaraderie I was looking for.

Way to Go!

I am a current member in good standing and I want to mention how pleased I am to see the CPCA making such strong inroads in the realm of counselling in Canada. Adopting a "competency model" for the profession does everyone enormous good. It is good for the counsellors, knowing they can maintain their skill set; it is good for industry, hoping that insurance companies will recognize the value we bring to the profession. Mostly, though, this is good for clients who stand to benefit the most!!


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Mission Statement

The Canadian Professional Counsellors Association is dedicated to the recognition of competence and professionalism in counselling and psychotherapy.