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Our vision is to be a community of clinical counsellors/psychotherapists who share in the responsibility of maintaining a gold standard in:


Competence                                                       We will be known as the gold standard of excellence in competency by:

  • Enhancing safety to the public and membership by adhering to a comprehensive code of ethics
  • Requiring evidence of clinical skills and continuous professional development
  • Requiring member’s adherence to professional boundaries in clinical practice
  • Following high standards of clinical practice
  • Participating in ongoing clinical supervision
  • Staying current with research in evidence based counselling therapies/modalities
  • Respecting diverse educational backgrounds and professional experience
  • Promoting personal wellness and self-care. 



We exist to maintain a strong foundation of professional support for clinical counselling/psychotherapy by:

  • Providing opportunity for reduced rates on liability, travel and medical insurance
  • Pro-bono legal counsel through our insurance provider
  • Access to a Client Management System at reduced cost
  • Posting nation-wide job opportunities
  • Hosting conferences and Pro D and training events
  • Organizing  peer debrief, and supervision opportunities
  • Fostering networking for members through a professional online directory for clinicians and clinical supervisors



We as a collaborative community commit to promote the association by:

Lobbying for enhanced recognition of competency in regulation of the profession

• Advocating for the need of mental health services in under serviced communities across Canada

• Supporting cultural diversity and international training in our membership

• Partnering with other mental health service providers

• Providing culturally competent services

• Marketing our members by providing self-promotion opportunities including our online member directory

• Networking with our members through Social Media and our website


Working together to promote and support

competency in clinical counselling/psychotherapy


Mission Statement

Working together to promote and support
competency in clinical counselling & psychotherapy.